Astral Chart Readings

/ All our services are offered in person if you are in Madrid
or online through Skype video call /



first reading / birth chart

If your astral adventure is just beginning or
if it is your first time with Astral Surf,
this is your direct door into the cosmos.

Explore your individual astrological profile
and learn what each planet and sign adds to your personality.

We can show you the most recommendable way to balance the different areas of your life
according to what centuries of astrological knowledge and what the most recent studies have taught us.

90 minute session - 80 Euros


solar return

Birthday coming soon or happened recently?

Celebrate yourself with this astral update that will help you understand
the most important matters during the next year (solar cycle).

Plan ahead!

This is particularly interesting is you are close to 24 years old
or surrounding the 28-30 year old mark in your life!

(a.k.a having your Jupiter or Saturn return)

1 hour session - 50 Euros


transits chart

If you are going through a “weird” moment and feel like knowing what’s going on “up there”,
we can check out how the current planetary transits are affecting the different areas of your life.

It is a great exercise that can help you realize the hidden potential we might be overlooking at any giving time.

1 hour session - 50 Euros



Personal development is great! But it is even better when you get to share it!

Sinastries allow us to recognize and develop the potential in any relationship between two persons.

Lovers, business partners, friendships or family. Whenever it takes two to tango, sinastries can be done!

1 hour session x 3 sessions - 180 Euros

(Includes an individual birth chart reading for each partner + the couple session).